Building A Sense Of Belonging

The mission of Southgate Academy is to successfully promote a higher standard of education, establish a safe environment for learning and social development, and enable students to become lifelong responsible citizens.

We understand that students learn in various ways and at academic levels. It is our job to engage at their level and celebrate any success academic or not.

Supporting The Whole Student

We provide various ways of support using a multi-tiered system.

School Lunch

SEL & Counseling

We develop a genuine sense of value and belonging through social reinforcement with many community connections. Our goal is to empower our students to help gain confidence with academic interventions, counseling services, and Social Emotional Learning integration.

School Lunch

Meal Program

All children enrolled in our school can eat for free and there is no application required! The National School Lunch Program (NSLP) is a federally-assisted meal program. The program provides nutritionally balanced lunches to children each school day.

School Lunch

Afterschool Program

Open to all enrolled students aged 7-17, for children aged 5-6, please inquire about special accommodations. Teachers assist students with homework, projects, and provide interventions. We have also partnered with the Boys & Girls Clubs to offer free admission and transportation to their after-school program at the Roy Drachman Clubhouse.

Blended Learning

Blended Learning

Southgate Academy allows students to have an option to continue their learning partially online. The curriculum is internet based, there is a 40% requirement to be in person with an option for students to work remotely 100%.

Enrichment in MACILOS

The MACILOS (Making a change in the Lives of Students, Staff, and Society) program is Based on Maslow's hierarchy of needs. It goes beyond academics to help students lead fulfilling lives to become lifelong responsible citizens. The younger students, learn to handle themselves in situations in school and in the community. The older students learn about their personality type and build themselves up from there with career planning, fine-tune college aspirations, and grow in their goals.

Enrichment in MACILOS Student in class Group Learning Southgate Graduation Students Presenting in Class Southgate Graduate Summer at Southgate

The Southgate Academy is Committed to Serving the Unique Needs of the Community.

Our school hosts many opportunities for the community to gather. We take pride in our community events with movie nights every month, outdoor fun days, holiday events, and more. We love our families and are passionate about supporting them when in need.


Our goal is to provide free, reliable, safe, efficient, and quality transportation to and from school for all eligible students. We will provide parents and students with an initial bus schedule and pick up location.

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“ I strongly believe that if you can win the heart of a child, you will be a tool that is used to bring them a vision for success. It doesn’t matter what ethnic background a child is from, the financial status of their parents or what side of town a child lives on, single-family home or homeless, ‘Win their heart and they will respect and trust your leadership.”

- Sherry Hasson, Founder